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11 winners & over $500 of advertising up for grabs!

Latest contest began 5th April 2012.
Contest ends when membership reaches 1,000.

All the tools are provided in our 'Affiliate Tools' section. Remember, you will also earn commissions for referrals that upgrade their accounts and commissions on advertising your referrals buy. Upgrade your account to benefit the most. Members must have over at least 10 referrals to win a prize.

Rules: No duplicate members. IP addresses will be checked for cheaters. Cheaters will be deleted, commissions will not be paid out and the cheater's IP address will be banned.

1st Place Winners Prize:
100,000 Advertising Credits worth $100!

2nd-3rd Place Winners Prize:
75,000 Advertising Credits worth $75!

4th-5th Place Winners Prize:
50,000 Advertising Credits worth $50!

6th-11th Place Winners Prize:
25,000 Advertising Credits worth $25!

Top #10+ Sites to Email Ads
Downline Builder to all #10+ Sites
Instant Affiliate with Copy & Paste Tools
Commissions for Paid Referrals 15% 40% 40%
Referrals buy advertising - you earn 25% 40%
Email Referrals Every # Days 7 3 3
Save # URL's in Link Cloaker 10 100 1000
Members Advertising Section
Advertising Points on Joining 250 100,000 (=$100) 200,000 (=$200)
Advertising Points every Month 0 2,000 (=$2) 3,000 (=$3)
# Points for every banner ad click 15 40 60
# Points for every traffic ad viewed 15 40 60
# Points for every solo ad click 75 (=7cents) 150 (=15cents) 200 (=20cents)
# Points for every referral 150 (=15cents) 200 (=20cents) 250 (=25cents)
Bonus Downloads
Super Signup System (Worth $37)
Viral List Breeder (Worth $27)
Automate My Emails (Worth $27)
Get all future MRR Products added!
Price in Points to Upgrade N/A 27,000 47,000
Pricing (Lifetime Membership) FREE $27US $47US

2018-12-16 22:42:14
Member Name Referrals
Linda Elze21
James Stevens6
Jeremiah Johnson6
Lisa Martiniuk3
Francis Cassady2
William Buck2
Jerome Bayliss2
Ronald Young2
Garry Smith2
Jocelyn Lepine2
Leo de Waal2
Herbert Brooks1
KimLou Global1
Richard Moyer1
Anthony Stewart1
Charles Dunlap1
Steven Lanier1
William Parker1
Robert Schmitt1
Randy Ottmann1
ken moore1
Ronald Lentz1
Sergey Bazelyuk1
Iphota Thelemaque1
Stein Tvedt1
Michael Camire1
David Todd1
Curtis Lilly1
Robert Sturtz1
Paul Sweany1
Heather Frost1
Arshad Hussain1
KZ Zambrano1
Cosmos Parris1
Mary Gregory1

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